Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Knott’s switches from Pepsi to Coke

Earlier this month, Coca Cola replaced Pepsi Cola as the “official refreshment beverage” at Knott’s Berry Farm (and all of the Cedar Fair properties). Two different Pepsi logos that were located in the Boardwalk area have now been updated to Coke logos:

On January 4th, I photographed the neon illuminated exterior of Coasters Restaurant while it still featured the Pepsi Logo at the top. I returned on January 19th to find the logo now replaced with a Coca Cola logo:

I also photographed the neon sign that is next to Hollywood Hits Pizza (formerly the Hollywood Beanery).

On January 4th, the girl was holding a Pepsi bottle. When I returned on January 19th, the bottle was now a Coca Cola bottle:

It appeared as though the bottle on this sign originally featured a Coca Cola label that was later covered with a Pepsi logo. Now that Knott’s is serving Coke again, the Pepsi logo was removed to expose the original Cola Cola label, which has some surface wear. Does anyone have any further information about this sign? I read that Knott’s switched from Coke to Pepsi in 1992.

Just as long as Knott’s continues to serve that wonderful Boysenberry punch, it does not matter to me which soft drink that they serve in the park!