Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy 44th Anniversary to the Timber Mountain Log Ride

44 years ago on this day, the Timber Mountain Log Ride was christened with a bottle of Boysenberry Juice, and John Wayne and his son Ethan were the first guests to make the plunge!

This January, after the d├ęcor for Elf Mountain was removed, Knott’s Berry Farm, along with Garner Holt Productions, began the arduous task of refurbishing both the interior and the exterior of the Log Ride.

The new scenery is breathtaking both inside and out! The logs travel so quickly that guests do not get a chance to take it all in. For your enjoyment, I created a video in which I slowed down the footage in many of the scenes so that you can better see some of the newly-added detail!



TokyoMagic! said...


glowman said...

A great documentation of the "new" Timber Mountain Log Ride. It was neat that you could slow down the forest scenes to get a better look at the detail that Garner Holt and Knott's put into the refurbishment of this historic Bud Hurlbut ride. Can't wait to see the same treatment given to the Calico Mine Ride next year.

glowman said...

Great to see Bud Hurlbut's name in several places. I noticed it above the Dispatcher's window while standing on the loading dock bridge. Also his name is on a shipping crate in the second forest scene. Can you find his name in the machine shop scene at the bottom of the final lift?