Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 43rd Anniversary to the Log Ride!

Happy 43rd anniversary to the Timber Mountain Log Ride!

I have had a digital camera for 10 years now, and from comparing photos that I have taken of the loggers over the past decade I have observed that Knott’s has the best-dressed loggers! Let me show you what I mean…

Here is one of the loggers operating the two-man crosscut saw in Scene #1, near the end of the conveyor belt. As you can see he has had quite a few wardrobe changes over the years!

Here is another logger operating a two-man crosscut saw in Scene #2 (the room that has that wonderful woodsy smell!). He has had a few wardrobe changes, and if you look in the background you can see that the train engineer has had a few changes as well!

On the right side of the photo above dated 2011 you will see a lady in a purple and white dress. That is Shaky Sadie from The Haunted Shack!

Scene 9: “Hey, you on the log! Hold on tight! Rough water moving fast!”

Not only has this logger had wardrobe changes throughout the years, but sometime around 2010 his voice recording was changed. Here is a short video of footage that I shot in both 2003 and 2010:

Many thanks to member “jericl cat” for submitting this next photo from a vintage Knott’s guidebook! Here is a one-in-a-million shot of John Wayne and his son, John Ethan, who were the first two guests to ride the Log Ride on July 11, 1969!

Here is an exterior photo of the Log Ride (or should I say “Sleepy Hollow Mountain”) that I took during Knott’s Scary Farm of 2011. The exterior was illuminated with green, blue, and purple lights that evening:

Hope you enjoyed!

“Sit down!”


TokyoMagic! said...

I love your comparison shots taken over the years! That structure behind the man hanging on the log is interesting. I was noticing that for the first time not too long ago and was wondering when they built it. Now I know it was sometime between 2002 and 2005!

Happy Anniversary, Timber Mountain Log Ride!!!!

...But It Wasn't Always That Way! said...

I agree with TM... That comparison stuff is fascinating. Details that deserve to get noticed!

Davelandweb said...

Ditto what Tokyo said - I love the comparison stuff! And also love the fact that John Wayne's toupee stayed on during the log ride!

Huck said...

What a fun site—best of luck with it! I have no idea if you'd be interested, but I'd be happy to get the original "fast water" source audio to you (all 17 seconds of it!). I rode Timber Mountain last week with my kids and there wasn't any "fast water" element playing at all! Sheesh.


Knott'sAfterDark said...

Huck, I would love to have that audio file! If you can send it to that would be great!